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Power Plant missions are essentiel in Fallout 76 to aquire ALL generator plans and run free power to zoned workshops. Each time you do a Power Plant mission (at any Power Plant) you will get a generator plan until you get the 100 power generator.

Zoned Workshops

Each successful Power Plant mission runs free power to zoned workshops. It is actually lazy to build your own generator rather than doing the Power Plant mission. At least check your workshop for a Power Transformer that has the green-light. If you decide anyway to build your own generators at any of the zoned workshop locations, your generators will be subject to getting destroyed, and thus waisting build and repair materials from your inventory. Note: not all workshops are zoned for power.


See: Powering Up Poseidon

Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06. Poseidon is the easiest Power Plant mission, but the hardest to keep its workshop. Every player in both Adventure mode and Survival mode wants the resources here, especially for the Fusion Core Processor (which produces up to (3) Cores at a time[2019 patch]). Just put up good defenses and be ready for a fight in either mode. Grab what you need and “get out of Dodge”. If you get the Power Plant running, you are now generating power to other workshops. Just find a zoned workshop’s Power Transformer (with the green light) and attach a power line to a built Resource Processor (usually from build menu).

Zoned workshops

This list are workshops known to be zoned with Poseidon (Nukapedia does not give this information):


See: Powering Up Monongah

Monongah Power Plant. Monongah is a more challenging Power Plant mission, but a better to have workshop when farming Cores in Survival Mode. P v. P is a lot less here, than Poseidon.

Zoned workshops

This list are workshops known to be zoned with Monongah (Nukapedia does not give this information):

Fallout 76 mechanics

The Power Plants and their resources are not balanced. That is why in a 2019 patch the programmers stuck red tanks in the Uranium pit at Poseidon, in an effort to get players to seek Monongah for producing Nuclear Material. As indicated above, a few grenades will blow the tanks out of the Uranium pit at Poseidon, to make it useable again. Poseidon has much more resources, and makes Monongah less desirable. The real benefit of Monongah is reduced P v P when processing Fusion Cores.